Regional Australia

IRIS Research specialises in understanding regional communities across Australia, led by our extensive community research for local government and state government.

We have generated deep insights into regions of NSW in particular through 100’s of community surveys and research criss-crossing communities repeatedly for different sectors and research purposes including:

  • Local government community research
  • Energy efficiency programs
  • Utilities distribution research
  • Agriculture and horticultural industry research
  • Customer satisfaction for private and public goods and services providers
  • Staff climate and culture research
  • Employer and employment growth research
  • Education services demand
  • Enabling Infrastructure research
  • Transport and commuter research
  • Aged care and disability services demand research

As Australia’s regional economies grow in importance in response to urban growth pains, changing immigration policy positions and workforce demand changes, it’s good to know that as a regional business, IRIS Research resonates with and understands these communities.