IRIS Research delivers research for all levels of Government in Australia.

We have delivered large and complex mixed method quantitative and qualitative solutions for national market research for department and agencies to inform policy, regulatory and program development, covering:

  • cyber-bulling
  • transport security
  • telecommunications
  • agriculture
  • horticulture

We are members of a number of pre-qualified Government Panels.

We work extensively with State Government department and agencies in NSW especially and are retained on a number of Government research panels. We have delivered State-wide and regional specific market research for a department and agencies in industry, legal, transport, environmental, energy, water, education, gambling, polling and community services areas of responsibility. Our research has included:

  • programs evaluation including international best practice benchmarking
  • community awareness and perception studies
  • consumer and employer surveys
  • voting intentions
  • online research strategies
  • program participant recruitment

Local Government

Local government is our speciality and the origin of IRIS Research’s creation and remain an integral part of our business.

IRIS Research has successfully delivered a full range of quantitative and qualitative market research solutions for local government in Australia for over 35 years.

Community consultation

Our research expertise encompasses all aspects of representative community research, from

  • Community satisfaction
  • Community strategic planning
  • Special rate variations
  • Asset management performance
  • New assets planning and investment
  • Specific council services and planning
  • Environmental management services
  • Business community research
  • Communication planning and performance
  • Customer service performance
  • Council mergers

We offer full survey solutions from design, data collection, analysis, benchmarking and reporting.

We develop robust representative samples of communities for quantitative research.

We design and use of mixed-method data collection using the latest geo-targeting techniques to achieve optimal representation of the population.

Our unique proprietary pre-dialing technology for CATI-based data collection delivers effective call rates that are 30% above industry average which means faster and lower-cost data collection.

Strategic Planning Advice

We provide strategic market research to inform councils’ planning from rates to asset management, program evaluations, mergers environmental management and direct investment attraction and long –term community engagement research strategies. The latter includes integrated, holistic planning including programs, scheduling, metrics, budgets, resourcing and reporting.

We deliver this work with specialist consultancies from time to time. Our large database means we can deliver insightful and meaningful benchmarking comparison of key performance measures against other like councils and programs.

In-house Market Research Training

We supply structured market research training to develop the community engagement research capability and capacity of councils. This includes:

  • Community engagement planning frameworks
  • Research activities
  • Research project planning and management
  • Audience targeting and recruitment
  • Data collection method
  • Analysis
  • Reporting
  • Data retention
  • Privacy management
  • Marketing and Promotion

Our structured training can be delivered as a one-off service or a service level agreement and can includes:

  • Training resources including checklists, best practice tips and case studies
  • Train-the-Trainer solutions
  • Training delivered by experienced Senior Associates
  • Regular competency reviews, refresher training and upskilling.
  • Face-to-face and webinars
  • On-going support and advice