We are an innovative company and have recently developed a new, ground-breaking quantitative regression analysis method that delivers outstanding new insights into community satisfaction drivers.

IRIS Research Optimise

IRIS Research Optimise™

Traditional approaches to council community satisfaction research fail to answer critical questions like how the community perceives council services and facilities, transparency of overall community satisfaction scores and how to increase the community’s overall satisfaction with council.

This puts planning certainty at risk as well as wasting valuable time and money focused on the wrong things.

We decided to do something about it… After months of research and development we have developed the best, most accurate and meaningful methodology for understanding community satisfaction with council, which we call IRIS Research Optimise™

IRIS Research Optimise™ is a new approach developed to address these weaknesses and deliver councils community surveys that provide precise and specific recommendations – improving planning and decision-making processes and community satisfaction with Council.

Increasingly being adopted by progressive councils, our IRIS Research Optimise™ White Paper was recently selected by peers for publishing in Research News (April-May 2018 edition), Australia’s leading, prestigious market research professionals’ journal for excellence in market research.

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