Business Strategy

Business strategy research, benchmarking and program evaluation services.

Research solutions include a suitable mix of quantitative, qualitative solutions, desktop and business strategy models.

Independent research evaluation

Independent research evaluation of quantities and qualitative research, desktop research and literature reviews.

Market Research training

Structured market research advice and training in internally delivered research design, data collection effectiveness, data analysis to maximise organisations’ internally delivered research and data analytics.

Third party services

Data Collection Services

We offer contract telephone data collection services for survey and call centre work across Australia. Our offering includes:

  • 18-seat CATI call centre, operating 6 days/wk
  • Sample design and development
  • Data collection
  • Quotas management
  • QA – data validation, data cleansing, and project management

Our CATI system is fully firewalled to ensure it is secure from hacking and external attack and we are the only provider we are aware of that can provide complete assurance about data collection continuity and no risk of data theft or corruption through hacking.

We will monitor the performance of your quantitative surveys for the entire data collection period and adjust/target cohorts to meet designated quotas.

All interviews are time-stamped and fully traceable for quick review if required.

IRIS Research employs bilingual interviewers and engages TIS National foreign language interviewers to conduct interview if required.

Survey performance issues are managed at the time and reported to the Project Manager to review and action. At the end of the data collection, the CATI Supervisor will validate 10% of the interviews by way of random selection per national Interviewer Quality Control Scheme (IQCS).

In the unlikely event of a complaint, we follows the Association of Market and Social Research Organizations’ (AMSRO) protocol for dealing with and documenting respondent complaints and disputes.

IRIS Research provides clients a cleansed dataset in .SPSS, .csv or .xls formats.

Data backup retention and security

All data collected in our call center is duplicated on Australia-based servers in our main office which is backed up and stored remotely in a secure location. Once analysis and reporting are complete, the data is de-identified in compliance with privacy legislation and archived for at least two years.

Focus Group Facilities Hire

Our modern focus group facility located at our head office in Wollongong is available for hire. Fully integrated audio and video recording with private viewing room, the facilities are purpose-built to deliver great focus group research outcomes. Supported by optional hosting and catering services, this is a fuss-free, value-for-money full focus group service solution.

Employer Polling

IRIS Research delivers full employer secret ballot polling services at a fraction of the price of electoral commissions. Our employer polling services include ballot process design; site set-up, ballot process supervision, ballot security, voting counting and reporting.

Research Participant Recruitment

We provide contract participant recruitment for focus groups, quantitative surveys, program participation using telephone and online search methods. We can meet client’s participant needs regardless of the specific segmentation sought. We develop screener and sample frames to reach and recruit the people you need.