About Us

IRIS Research is on a mission not just to deliver good research, but great business intelligence for our customers.

Our team of research professionals and management consultants work tirelessly together to co-create quality research experiences with our customers. Our work consistently exceeds their expectations, which is why so many are becoming repeat customers.

Our research team is led by Amelia McVeigh, a highly experienced market researcher specialising in consumer behaviour, brand tracking, consumer segmentation and segmentation. Amelia carefully oversees our research assignments from design, data collection, analysis and reporting – tailored to the job.

And as Australia’s regional economies grow in importance, it’s good to know that as a regional business, IRIS Research resonates with and understands these communities.

IRIS Research – a full service social market researcher with over 35 years’ experience delivering great quantitative and qualitative research solutions for Australian government, business, and community sectors.


  • Peter Watts, B.A., M.Soc.Sci (Asian Politics), Grad Dip Management

    Chief Executive/Executive Director

    Peter has over 25 years business experience in business consulting, international investment and trade and commerce in Australia and overseas for private and public sector organisations. Peter’s special skills are in the areas of business strategy, sales and marketing, workplace culture change and process improvement. Peter was appointed by the Board in late 2015 to […]

  • Amelia McVeigh, B.Comm (Media/Journalism)

    Research Manager

    Amelia joined IRIS Research in 2019 and has worked in market research across a diverse range of industries, markets and clients for the past seven years in large Australian market research firms. Amelia has worked both client side and agency side, servicing a wide variety of clients including sports associations, FMCG, media and communications organisations. […]

  • Geoff Besnard, B Math

    Research Manager/Programmer / Senior Associate

    Geoff has over 20 years’ experience in market research product programming and systems design. He is responsible for the updating and refinement of all IRIS Research’s data systems. Geoff has written all the software for our purpose designed CATI system which features questionnaire design, editing and streaming of responses, control of number presentation, call outcome […]

  • Nicholas Beale, B Comm. (Hons) (Finance/Quantitative Analysis of Economics)

    Research Executive / Associate

    Nicholas joined IRIS Research in March 2016 as our newest Analyst after completing his degree in commerce at the University of Wollongong, having completed a highly successful internship with IRIS Research earlier in 2016. Under supervision, Nicholas undertakes data gathering, cleansing, detailed data analysis, data QA and big data analysis and forecast modelling. Nicholas will […]

  • Judy Ohlbach

    Senior Fieldwork Supervisor/Junior Associate

    Judy has over 20 years’ experience as an interviewer, team leader and supervisor at IRIS. She has developed high levels of proficiency in both face to face and telephone interviewing and a specialty in senior corporate in-depth interviewing. Judy has recruited and trained over 100 interviewers and supervises all survey work conducted in our CATI […]

  • Alex Spillett B.Sc. (Hons), MBA, FAMI CPM, FAIM

    Project Manager/Senior Associate

    Alex joined IRIS Research in early 2016 as Project Director and has already successfully delivered important, complex research assignments for private sector and government clients, including projects that involved focus groups throughout NSW. Alex has over 30 years’ experience in leadership roles for national and international organisations. He has led smaller, family-owned businesses and managed […]

  • Jessica Fassone, B.Comm (Business Law & Management)

    Office Administration

    Jessica joined IRIS Research in early 2018 as an intern working on a Knowledge Management project. Following successful delivery of that work, she has re-joined IRIS Research to provide administration support. Jessica has an eye for detail and is highly efficient in administration and office management.

  • IRIS Casual Interview Staff

    IRIS does not contract out field work. We have a large pool of experienced interviewers who have been trained at IRIS. All of our interviewers have extensive telephone and face to face interview experience. Many of our interviewers have more than 5 years’ experience at IRIS Research and have delivered questionnaires for Council’s with high […]

  • IRIS Research Board

    Management reports to an independent Board headed by Mr John Vohradsky and comprising leading representatives from business and government in the Illawarra. As a not-for-profit, limited by guarantee entity, IRIS Research is required to meet the stringent governance requirements of ASIC and ACNC.